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This Native New Yorker understands about moving and life transitions completely. I loved my active life for almost 30 years in Queens, New York. Many thought I was crazy to walk away from my 9 years of managing an architect firm, my incredible journey for almost 20 years as PGWA of a Masonic Organization, the people I grew up with and family. It was culture shock at first, however, I fell in LOVE with Hampton Roads and lived in Virginia Beach for 18 years.

Almost a decade ago & after 20 years in the corporate world between architecture and property management, I took a leap of Faith and opened a studio for dance and events. With this side hustle and a passion for teaching Ballroom, Swing and Salsa I was ready to pivot my life and turn my passion into a career.  I enjoyed teaching wedding couples and other people who think they can’t dance, learn they can.  I also helped coordinate many events, it’s hard to believe it was over 150 each year. What an adventure of many wonderful memories!

Unfortunately COVID quickly showed me within a week that my business plan had a huge flaw and it shut the business down for over 5 months because it revolved around touching people and events of 50 or more guests! I learned to PIVOT a lot and it wasn’t always easy!  I’m even more grateful that I was blessed to meet my incredible husband after the shutdowns and decided to focus on real estate and only teach dance.  This allowed me time and new opportunities to move and create a new life in Yorktown.

Years ago, I learned it could always be worse and you have to focus on your blessings! Selling your home can be very emotional as well as buying one. I know how much stress it can create if you don’t stay focused on what is important and helping others through the process has been rewarding! Being a Realtor has taken me through a really tough time in my life the last 2 years and I am grateful for that.  It’s a career that can drive a person crazy and yet it can be rewarding. Just like Dance, you need to be in the moment and learn to dance through the storms! Let me help you dance through your closing and be there for you to make this process a lot simpler.

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